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The first step in your journey!

Available Now


Online, 5 self-directed modules.


Inspire is a self-directed journey where you begin to reconnect with yourself and align to your beliefs and values.  This is the basis of the program and a pre-requisite for all courses at ConNEXTion.  You will get an overview of the entire program but your main focus will be on calming your nervous system, regulating your emotions and learning about alignment.


The second step in your journey!

Available early 2022.  

Online, 8 self-paced modules


Breathe is a self-directed journey where you begin to connect.  You will learn strategies that will allow you to experience less stress, achieve peace and navigate successfully through the unexpected.  In addition, we begin to look at building or re-defining your external relationships.


As a special thank you, the fee you paid for the Inspire course can be applied to Breathe.


Exhale Connect

The third step in your journey!

Available in the Spring 2022!

You'll have noticed a huge change in your outlook already.  Exhale is moving past surviving ... into thriving. You move towards a deeper connection with yourself. You learn how to create a new relationship with your loved one. You have the tools and knowledge to move forward.  


Exhale is an 8 week program where we meet as a small group (maximum of 8), weekly, via Zoom. 

Coming Soon!

Exhale Personal Journey

The alternate third step in your journey!

Available in the Spring 2022!


This can be a very private matter and some people do not feel comfortable sharing with others they do not know.


This 8-week intimate workshop is the same course content as Exhale Connect but with just one or two friends and family.

Coming Soon!

Awakening through Grief

For more information, go to:

Trixie Hennessey Counselling 

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