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Mr. Golden Sun

Spring is upon us...finally! The sun is warming and my outlook on life is so impacted by the amount of sun that is directed towards me. The sunnier it is, the more I smile and there is more spring in my step. It's immediate and it's profound. I can literally feel my mood elevating.

One of the most important things we can do for our mental health is to get outside. It's interesting to learn how light effects us, what the sunlight does and how the sunlight rays change throughout the day. There is a lot of research on how the sun affects us physiologically, mentally and emotionally when we go outside.

90% people average American spend their time indoors. Most people do not get enough light to actually change our physiological health.

When you go outside, 70% of the light that's out there is what's called near infrared light. And that is what blasts and bounces around with trees and the leaves when you go into a into the woods or the forests. You're actually being bombarded with infrared light which penetrates your skull, your clothing and activates what's called the mitochondria inside of yourself to make energy.

This infrared light is our own personal battery charger for us to generate energy within our bodies. You can't store it up nor can you give it away. As we get older, we don't get out as much and our ability to make that energy becomes problematic and we end up having a lot of

by-products of energy production that build up in the cells and cause degeneration and accelerate aging. One of the best ways to slow the aging process, stabilize your mood and get deeper sleep is to get outside!

We don't need to bake in the full sun to experience the benefits of being in the sun. Rather, being under trees protects us from the UV rays which are getting blasted with the infrared light. That is one of the most healing rays that we can get, especially at the start of the day and especially when coupled with a contemplative practice.

Make a conscious decision to limit your time in front of our phones or staring at the TV. All the bad news, all day long is playing havoc with your body. Make an effort to just get outside and go be in nature and get reprieve from all this for the information. We're being bombarded with negativity and even though I don't mean to insulate or pretend that bad things are happening, I do think it's important to protect your space and your energy. I think we have to do our best to stay composed and calm. We want to be able to have that pullback so we are more self aware. We will probably love each other a whole lot more.

Thank you, Mr. Golden Sun!

Photo by Todd Rhines on Unsplash

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