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There are no accidents

Everything happens for a reason and our paths cross because we are meant to experience something, learn something, or meet certain people.

For me, this search for my purpose dealt with addiction. My own and with the people I love.

Experiencing an awakening allows us to embrace our vulnerability, to bring down those walls that have insulated us for a long time and finally move forward authentically.

My experiences have been tough. I have lost people I loved. But I have had others that have come out the other side – better people for what they experienced.

That is the key here….these challenging experiences are opportunities for growth,

learning and fulfilling your soul purpose.

My soul purpose is to provide the space and knowledge that will allow people to

release the shame, guilt and pain around addiction – their own or someone they love. My goal is to break through the guilt, stigma and pain around addiction.

Leaning into the fire of these challenges, opening yourself and not running away takes courage, and courage takes heart. You have landed here for a reason. There are no accidents. The information in these courses will help you work through stress, grief and pain. Whether you are a parent, sibling, spouse or friend....or even if you work with people suffering from can gain valuable information in a safe place.

We had an epidemic before COVID. Now we have a catastrophe!

In her article, During the COVID-19 pandemic, overdose deaths reached new heights, Usha Lee McFarling details the impact of the global pandemic on our 'other' global pandemic. Across the world the numbers are staggering. But we know that .... and we know how the pain and hurt ripples far past the statistics. We're here because we know the impact addiction has on our loved ones. and everyone around them. But we know that .... and we know how the pain and hurt ripples far past the statistics.

Take a moment to think about those who are struggling and remember those we have lost. May we begin to heal ourselves and heal the world around us.

Much Sisu,


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